Cindy Lang, aka “The Go To Girl Brazil”, is a natural explorer and dot connector. She founded her company after 30 years of helping friends and colleagues maximize their travels to Brazil and the Silicon Valley. It turns out, there was a pent up need for Cindy’s services so she built a business around them.


Cindy’s mission is to understand the commercial and cultural exchanges between Brazilians and North Americans and to help them appreciate and celebrate each other while bridging the cultural gaps. Cindy’s deep connection to countries, combined with her easy going personality, enable her to engage with people in a comfortable, seamless and impactful way.


People come to Cindy to enrich cultural nuances, build relationships with dynamic individuals in their area of interest, enjoy more meaningful experiences while traveling in Brazil and in the Silicon Valley, and of course, to create mutually economic gains.


Cindy works with people who want to make a difference. She connects like minded people to each other with the hope of improving livelihoods. She sincerely believes that this can only happen with a deep awareness of each others’ cultures. Because of Cindy’s deep connection to both countries, and her easy going personality, working with her is comfortable and impactful.

“She’s flexible, patient, interdisciplinary and self-reflexive
— key components to make a true difference.”

— Dr. Constanza Ocampo-Raeder

What People Are Saying

Cindy is passionate, steeped in, and has numerous experiences in both cultures. She speaks and writes Portuguese and English fluently.


Invited to a Brazilian’s house for a gathering? It’s not considered rude to arrive at least 30 minutes late for a dinner and an hour late for a party. You might want to think twice about eating in a meeting or while on foot or in a car in Brazil too. Yes, really, Brazilian and American culture, customs, manners, etiquette, and values do differ.


Cindy enjoys and excels at helping people bridge the cultural gaps, facilitate meetings, negotiate plans, organize events, translate or provide other communications support, as well as make life-changing Brazilian-American connections. Curious if she can help you? Just ask!


Many people are surprised that Portuguese is the national language of Brazil, not Spanish. And when we hear Brazilians say “futbol”, they mean soccer. And contrary to popular belief, the vast majority of travelers enjoy a safe trip to Brazil. More subtly, don’t be surprised to be kissed upon first meeting a Brazilian.

“Since I started working with Cindy, my business and
revenue have expanded 10-fold and is still growing!”

— Karen Bevels, Owner, Karen Bevels Catering

What People Are Saying

People seek Go To Girl advice, introductions, and ideas. They’re interested in finding better solutions to new or existing problems and fostering deeper experiences.

Few things give Cindy the satisfaction of introducing passionate, talented, and well-intentioned people, so they can work collectively, in order to accomplish more than they could do individually.

She thrives on bringing new groups of people together to share diverse thoughts, create new social alchemies, and deepen relationships. So she partners with them to explore best practices and bring their ideas and experiences to life. Together the you determine the most appropriate path. She’ll gladly encourage you to rock that boat, take a stand, and explore the possibilities!

Her Silicon Valley roots, global connections, and MBA training enable Cindy to collaborate with you comfortably and confidently.
Find out how she can help you today.

“Cindy helped our team understand what made sense
(and just as importantly, what didn’t) for our project in Brazil.”

— Jenny Sant'Anna

What People Are Saying

In this part of her practice Go To Girl offers her talent and golden Rolodex to brilliant people who aspire to do great work.

Community advancement, strength and vision are more important and powerful then ever. She partners with organizations solving big problems such as Ashoka and Change Brazil to help underserved Brazilians, the environment, social entrepreneurs, industry leaders, schools, and disadvantaged youth. Cindy is part of the innovation community through her involvement in BayBrazil, Urban Innovation Exchange and Plug and Play. In addition she played an instrumental role in leading conversations around innovation with an international leaders during the Rio+20 event. These long-term experiences have helped her hone her organization development and outreach skills and apply to them to doing “good.”


Building communities of the world’s top
entrepreneurs, thought leaders and
philanthropists to drive social change.
Change Brazil
Oraganizing social movements to help
empower the poor, and disenfranchised.
Bringing together Brazilian-American
businesses in the Bay Area by facilitating
ties between Silicon Valley and Brazil.
Credentialed Participant and Team
Member, 2012. Cindy’s involvement led to
the formation of the Urban Innovation

Hi. I’m Cindy! Nice to meet you.

Go to Girl Brazil was founded by explorer and dot connector Cindy Lang in 2013. Its mission is to enrich people’s cultural engagement between Brazilian and Americans, to advance the quality of Brazilian life, and bridge Brazilian and American cultural gaps. Cindy’s deep expertise in these cultures, fluency in Portuguese and English, and golden Rolodex, allow her to own this niche and promote social enterprise work, especially those related to the 2014 World Cup Soccer and 2016 Olympics in Brazil.

Prior to Go to Girl Brazil, Cindy honed her entrepreneurial and operations talent in traditional and non-traditional businesses. She acquired vast experience in innovation and development and managing multiple stakeholders. Cindy’s passion for the environment also includes a proven track record of incorporating sustainable practices in business including the eco-tourism sector. In addition, Cindy spent 30 years in nonprofit management and large gift fundraising.

Cindy is a graduate of Stanford University where she earned an AB in French and English Literatures, and The Presidio Graduate School where she earned an MBA in Sustainable Management. She is active in the following organizations: Stanford University Humanities and Sciences Council, Silicon Valley Chapter of Ashoka, BayBrazil, Sustainable Conservation, and Embrace.

Let’s connect. I’d love to learn more about you and your needs.

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Please contact Cindy for specific information on how you might work together. She physically works in both California’s San Francisco Bay Area as well as Brazil’s Rio and São Paulo metro areas. Her clients are global. She’d love to connect with you wherever you are!

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